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The Swords of Storm (2020)


The Swords of Storm (2020) Shocking Sword: Stigma and Lingyun, guarded by the Duan, Ouyang, Liu and Zhou clan for generations. The two artifacts are equipped with two cheats “Swords of the Four Elephants” and “Yinlong Jue”. To obtain two divine swords, you must first obtain “Yinlong Jue”. The body of the family. A bloody turmoil in the rivers and lakes started from the Duan family’s destruction of the door, and the left orphan of the Duan family was adopted by Liu Haotian, a descendant of the four major families, and was raised with his son Liu Yuheng. Taking advantage of Liu Haotian’s absence, the two brothers went down the mountain privately. They met Princess Zhu Linlin who was dressed up in disguise. Liu Yuheng fights the injustice to rescue him, but does not want to expose Shishilang’s Duan Clan’s identity. The crisis is approaching Shichilang step by step. In order to save Shichilang, Liu Haotian sets them on the journey of searching for Lingyun and Stigma… …